Airplane-Shaped Cake

Cake-Shaping Strip (from 5 sushi-mat segments)
Heavy-duty aluminum foil
Sheet pan
Prepared cake batter (see the Chocolate Banana Cake batter or prepare batter using about 1 box of cake mix)
Fortune-Cookie Any-Shape Cookie batter
White fondant (about 1/2 of a recipe of the Easy Marshmallow Creme Fondant)
White frosting (about 2 (16-ounce) containers of store-bought white frosting)
Chocolate chips

1. Line a sheet pan with two sheets of slightly overlapping foil. Shape the Cake-Shaping Strip into a shape of a body of an airplane. Wrap the foil around the strip.

2. Prepare your cake batter. Spray the strip and foil with cooking spray. Pour the cake batter into the prepared "pan" and bake until done. Let the cake cool.

3. Cut away any cake batter that leaked through the strip. Carefully remove the Cake-Shaping Strip. Insert the flat edge of a table knife between the strip and the cake if this helps.

4. Using the fortune-cookie batter, make thin cookies in the shape of airplane wings and tail wings. Let the cookies completely cool.

5. Frost one side of the cookies. Let the frosting dry.

6. Roll out the fondant. Frost the cake with the frosting, and place the fondant on the cake. Smooth the fondant.

7. Frost the other side of the cookies. Stick the cookies into the cake.

8. Press the chocolate chips into the cake to be the windows.

Airplane Cake